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Days Like This

Snow, rain, clouds’n snow Please let the gray sky go We’re all wondering - How long do we have to wait until that damn spring arrives??At least here in the northern hemisphere, more exact, Denmark.I felt so blessed this morning when i opened my windows and the brightness of the sun shined right in my face. One must admit the power of true sunlight. The energy that fills the hole body with happiness. I’m grateful! - Though i look forward to the heat coming this way. One step at the time!   I mean, I don't mind the snow at all - I find it really fascinating. Though my bike rides everyday tends to get freezing cold when the heavy snowflakes...

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Webshop Opening !

I’m so excited - Maybe some of you have already seen...Finally the Palmerston_ webshop has opened and next week will be the official opening of the website and launch of the #MATALY_ bag! #MATALY_ is a limited, suede, shopper-bag collection available in two cool colours; The Nature and Dusty Jeans Blue. With a timeless, edgy look and high quality you can look forward to a bag that only gets more charming and beautiful by time. If you want to secure yourself a MATALY_ shopper, go to the ‘shop’ and get yours already or send an email to! I hope you’ll all enjoy a little brows around the site. All comments are so appreciated and if any button by mistake...

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