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Days Like This

Snow, rain, clouds’n snow Please let the gray sky go We’re all wondering - How long do we have to wait until that damn spring arrives??At least here in the northern hemisphere, more exact, Denmark.I felt so blessed this morning when i opened my windows and the brightness of the sun shined right in my face. One must admit the power of true sunlight. The energy that fills the hole body with happiness. I’m grateful! - Though i look forward to the heat coming this way. One step at the time!   I mean, I don't mind the snow at all - I find it really fascinating. Though my bike rides everyday tends to get freezing cold when the heavy snowflakes...

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The Simpel Little Things

Wow, this is a hard one.. But indeed, also a very important one. Something I think a lot about life and most likely we all do.The question of what's the most important thing for me and what makes me happy in life, is high on my mind lately. Together with all the other questions I ask myself regarding my career and hobbies, I'm trying to figure out my main focus in life right now. Because how cool is it to realize that I’ve lived my life to a 100% extend of what I feel like makes me happy in the past 6 months.If we look past the fact that of course I’ve been missing certain people back home, I have...

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