Take the right care of your bag.

We are proud to say that with a Palmerston bag you can look
forward to a unique change in the color of material over time
This is due to the use of natural materials that
adapt to the condition you put your bag into.

Keep in mind that using your bag in rain might cause some stains
and wearing it in direct sunlight will by time change the color of the bag.
We advise you to read the instruction folder in your dust-bag
with some simple tricks on how to take care of your bag.
Use leather impregnation spray without coloring to protect from rain and dirt.
This can be done regularly to keep the protection working.
Brush regularly suede surfaces gently with a suede brush.
This keeps the soft grains in the suede surface, looking new.
Suede is generally very sensitive to water
but as a bag you don't have to worry too much.
Just do as instructed above.
If you end up getting a stain, rub then gently very little water
on the surface of the stain with a sponge.
Let it dry over night and when dry you can use
the suede brush to freshen up the grains again.  

Enjoy your beautiful bag!