A magical bag story.. Or just deep passion?

Palmerston_ bags hand crafted Maria palmerston
Hi and Hello again!
Do you ever feel like a week goes by like a day??
I really thought that I'd much better at this blog thing but it's time to admit that this blog just isn’t the most active.. Never the less, that doesn’t mean that my heart isn’t filled with wise word for the world to read! Oh well...

The other day someone asked whether I feel that I've found my ‘shelf' in life, by creating bags? Even though it was meant as big complement, as she was fascinated by the dedication of work put into learning the leather skills, next to school, I found it really irritating and I got a bit annoyed.
and why is this you might think..  Because I really don't think my journey will ever stop. I believe that you have to dance where the wind blows you and take as many chances as you find will light up your life. So how am I to say if I've found my shelf? This is just the beginning of something that only time knows what is. The sketchbook is full of ideas i tell you!

But lets take a step back in time for a bit - How DID this bag thing actually start?? .. to be honest it’s not a magic story at all but a deep passion and eager to learn. Tadaaa… Interesting ha'?
What the real story behind is, is truly many many hours and patience, concentrating on getting the stitch to aline the right way. To understand how different leathers react in different ways and learning about all the tools, techniques, the industry and so it continues...

I grew up in a suburb outside Aarhus in Denmark and here we happened to have this big spot selling beautiful leathers very close to my home. My parents are creative spirits and after my first visit with my mom, i just kept coming back. The deal was that i was able to  find my way alone on my bike after school! I loved that place and still do.

Obviously they loved me too..  Not that i want to sound like a little princess, cause i wasn't, but imagine having this geeky thirteen years old girl, constantly popping by with a ton of question, about how to improve her skilles. Well..That was me.. ! Now the place is still on the top of my ’To Do' list when I'm back home. The ting is - That place is my ‘free zone’ and the first thing i found when moving to London, was a place very similar. I believe that we all need those places, to unplug our brains and just geek around.
I'm the kind of person that needs to do something that makes sense, that has a bigger meaning. So since then, I’ve been on and off about if this leather thing was really my thing. And yes it is - Because now - Many years later I'm able to say that most aspects of the industry have crossed my mind. From creating EVERYTHING by hand myself, to now be in collaboration with a family leather company in Tuscany. Something i am very proud of. It have taking me a very long time and a thousand thoughts to actually take the step of letting go of some of the materials and making part. But the decision was more than right! Knowing that the work these people do in Italy, is so beautiful and made with a lot of care for the craft and materials, gives me more time to develop pieces that will last you for life.

If this is my right ‘shelf'? - That I'm very sure of, but one thing i also know for sure is that this is not at all my only shelf! When the creating spirit is in you, one achievement will never be enough! And why should it? If you love exploring and developing - It is your duty to keep doing so!

On a side note - I apologize to all of you that have been browsing around palmerston.co lately. At the moment there are some smaller technical problem but as you probably noticed, the site now has a webshop!! So exciting and i can’t wait to show you new colours and have it all up and running.
An update will follow as soon as the webshop is working 100% perfect. in the meantime  it’s still possible to use the contact button for requests.