At P A L M E R S T O N_ we have a simple desire....
To be free, creative and able to inspire and give
happiness with the products we create.

That all  P A L M E R S T O N_ products are unique
and one of a kind,
created for original people.
​That all products are limited editions,
made with love, bare hands and unique materials
treated the best way.
That every little product that comes out will somehow
put a smile on life
and bring joy and love to their owners.
Your P A L M E R S T O N_ product
is made from 100% leather, 
Each product is carefully crafted in Tuscany,
in the northern part of Italy, by skilled craftsmen.
We believe that it is crucial to know where your
products come from,
therefore you should do your best,
to only buy things made under good conditions,
and from people who love what they are doing.

This is our promise to you that with your
P A L M E R S T O N_ product
you can be sure, it is ethically made
and with a well thought design.

​Simple things - Lets enjoy!

You're always welcome to get in contact on info@palmerston.co