An Extra Christmas Treat

One week to go… And then Christmas eve!!!
I'm excited!

This year I’ve attended a couple of Christmas markets, to give people the opportunity to see and try the bags real life. And it’s been amazing to receive all the positive feedback, thank you!

I really wanted to open the doors for everyone to stop by and get a chance to, again, see and try the bags real life before Christmas. I’ve been so excited about the new color and the Nature color is just always on point, that i would love all of you to really see it. It would have been a great opportunity to buy yourself a present or wish it from your boyfriend so you could have a beautiful bag under this years Christmas tree. But unfortunately, time is short and will be moved to the new year. You are of cause more than welcome to contact me for a private viewing if you need to get it in time for Christmas.

Never the less - look forward to a beautiful day in the new year where you are invited for a drink and have a look at all the bags. Until then, the web shop is open. More info to come in 2018..

On another note... For this years Christmas markets I’ve made a bunch of cute knitted clutches/makeup bags, and female sign, key hangers and I thought I’d give all of you, who didn’t have the time to stop by any of the markets, a chance to get one anyways.

There are 3 color combos in 5 different ways (see pictures below). All made mainly in 100% wool and some has a bit of cotton.  
Dimensions varies as I’ve made them by hand, but approx 17cm width.
Each cost 300kr.

Key rings are 150kr

Palmerston_ bags Knitted clutchPalmerston_ bags Knitted clutchPalmerston_ bags Knitted clutchPalmerston_ bags Knitted clutchPalmerston_ bags Knitted clutch
Palmerston_ Bags Female sign Palmerston bags female sign key hangerPalmerston bags female sign key hanger

I wish you all a merry Christmas, with all love and happiness
and best wishes for an exciting 2018!