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my bag for life

Hi, and welcome to this new blog site!

You know what, I'm not a big writer - that's for sure. But I'm a dreamer and I get inspired wherever I go, so why not put all the beautiful pictures together in one? And who knows maybe it will inspire someone else out there in the world?

This blog will focus on the journey of developing a product, bags, thoughts, beautiful pictures and different projects along the way.

My mind runs wild sometimes, so most possible i forgot something in the description but stay on it - Cool things will pop up.

Who I'm I.. Well I’m Maria. I create handmade leather bags with big passion under the name PALMERSTON_. This is something I’ve been working on for years. Gaining skills until now where I feel, I really have something to get out to people .
It’s such a weird thing how so many creatives are a bit shy of speaking up and show the talent they have!
.. Just writing that sentence was a bit challenging. But you know what I'm getting really frustrated about it. I use all time I have creating in my head, by my hands or just gather thoughts and material so I can make something brilliant. If people enjoy it or not, that's up to them.

.. Back on track..
Apart from creating handmade bags, I study Textile Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art and Design on my 3td year. I’m a sucker for textures.
I love traveling, and wherever I'm going it feels like I'm growing as a person. Being on my when traveling gives me the time to reflect on all aspects of life, projects, future/past. And it never stops - there is always more to explore.
as I'm writing this I'm in Bali, hearing the cooks scream, waves slashing up the sand and just enjoying life.

To be honest it’s hard for me to put it down in words, who I am. I think it is for most people. Every person has so many layers to them. Unfolding one just makes the next one flow. And that's beautiful.

Easiest will be for you to just have a look in here, now and then and you can make your own decision…

Enjoy a little brows :)