Sun Pockets and a Little Story

Alright. Straight on it!

The past 5 months I’ve been studying abroad at RMIT Melbourne, Australia. It’s been an amazing experience and a trip I think I really need to realise a couple of thing in my own life. But thats a step too deep for now. I promise a follow up another time.

The fact is, That I’ve been without my bag making gear the entire 5 months! It’s been a little challenge and at times also very refreshing not to constantly having my head in the bags. As well as I’ve been able to reflects on how I want to continue creating PALMERSTON_ bags.  

This opened up for a lot of new thing to put my time into. First of all, the knitting room at RMIT is another world. Not pretty or anything but BIG! After a bit confusion with enrolment on courses i ended up in the 1st years Knitting-Introduction class. Something I’ve already been through. But nothing is as bad that it’s not good for something. Isn’t that how it’s said?
Well, instead it gave me a lot of freedom to explore new machines that my home University KADK doesn't
offer. The magical Passap knitting machine.

For those of you that have absolutely no idea what a Passap machine or even a knitting machine is, that’s no problem. I won’t go too much into details further than it can do cool stuff.

My knit teacher was one piece of cool woman, long bangs and just a good vibe around her. The kind of teacher everyone loves. And I indeed did so too!

I found out the tricks to this machine and got completely stuck with it. I would sit all alone in the back of the massive room and just hearing one train after the other in the background passing by, thinking ‘oh shit i should’ve caught that train. Alright next one’ until the guard would come in and tell me to leave.

Point is… This lead to an exclusive little collection of one-off sunglass protectors. Don’t ask me why it turned out to be this. I just got obsessed with combining colours, stripes and creating this amazing thick material. I call them ’Sun Pockets’ - a bit tacky. But i want people to smile when they look down their big dark bag and finds this colourfull little pocket with their sunnies in.

The collection consists of 20 individual pieces.

More pictures will follow in the next post but here’s a sneaky.
Palmerston_ bags sun pockets