The Simpel Little Things

simple thoughts bali
Wow, this is a hard one.. But indeed, also a very important one. Something I think a lot about life and most likely we all do.

The question of what's the most important thing for me and what makes me happy in life, is high on my mind lately. Together with all the other questions I ask myself regarding my career and hobbies, I'm trying to figure out my main focus in life right now. Because how cool is it to realize that I’ve lived my life to a 100% extend of what I feel like makes me happy in the past 6 months.

If we look past the fact that of course I’ve been missing certain people back home, I have come to understand myself pretty well by being completely selfish for a good long period.
We live in a world where we are expected to dedicate 90% of our time to others and where the word selfish is something the devil invented, but where selfies are very understandable. I once heard a clever person say 'the biggest mission in life is to understand our true self'. I'm not sure this is something you necessarily find by meditating at a secluded kloster far far away. However, the idea of being alone or just to focus on your own needs and ideas for some time, puts you in a mind set where you have to deal with your true feelings. Allowing yourself to take time off brings out creativity from the inside. Where I'm heading is to make people aware that giving someone time to understand themselves, allows them to see their standpoints in life much more clear.

On a different note, we have to celebrate each others success. Being on my own for some time has given me a chance to meet people on a different level too. I’ve been so inspired by all the different ways everyone gets across life. Some are very committed to a craft and choose to make it their living and life. Others have the same passion, but decide that the freedom to do their passion in their own way and when they want to is as big a success as creating a living out of it.
I'm not at all sure where I'm headed in the far future, but I know for sure what makes me happy and that's the direction I'm taking.

You can’t be all smiley face all day, everyday. This doesn’t mean, you’re not satisfied in life. And of course you’ll fail. To be honest, I feel like I'm doing that all the f**king time, but looking on the bright side, I can also see my wins taught by my failures.

You know what.. these are  deep thoughts but I think it's important to make people, especially art and design people, understand that the competition at school is so important for us to get inspired. You will grow with other talented people. Just remember there will always be someone out in the world that calls them self a genius by selling plastic leafs and that creating the deep bowl is not at all for everyone. In my opinion, as long as you bring a bit of joy somewhere or you get your voice heard and point across, that is a success. Whatever you make or do, I'm sure you’ll put a smile on someones face, as long as you’ve created it with passion.  

Just remember, there will ALWAYS be someone better than you, but for sure, you will ALWAYS be better than someone else.

Happy saturday 

I captured this picture at a beautiful sunset on Bali after many days of Grey clouds. It makes me happy every time i look at it and reminds me that life dosn't have to be too complicated