Webshop Opening !

I’m so excited - Maybe some of you have already seen...

Finally the Palmerston_ webshop has opened and next week will be the official opening of the website and launch of the #MATALY_ bag!

#MATALY_ is a limited, suede, shopper-bag collection available in two cool colours; The Nature and Dusty Jeans Blue.
With a timeless, edgy look and high quality you can look forward to a bag that only gets more charming and beautiful by time.

If you want to secure yourself a MATALY_ shopper, go to the ‘shop’ and get yours already or send an email to Palmerston_@outlook.com!

I hope you’ll all enjoy a little brows around the site. All comments are so appreciated and if any button by mistake doesn’t work PLEASE let me know..!

I’m not at all a programmer, though I'm considering learning how to code for real. It’s so useful. This page has almost made me go insane, haha. Well, everything easy was once hard! I guess the other way around…  
  - If you have visited Palmerston.co before you have probably noticed that the layout has changed a bit now.
I managed to build a site through one platform that in the end couldn’t provide me with the features that i needed. So what else to do than just try to figure out how no manage another web host.

Long story short - I’m so happy and relieved that its fully functioning now.
It is just the start and much more is on the drawing board - but be patient this is not Fast Fashion. This is bags made patiently to ensure the right quality in details.

/ Maria P

Palmerston Webshop opening