Days Like This

Snow, rain, clouds’n snow
Please let the gray sky go

We’re all wondering - How long do we have to wait until that damn spring arrives??
At least here in the northern hemisphere, more exact, Denmark.

I felt so blessed this morning when i opened my windows and the brightness of the sun shined right in my face. One must admit the power of true sunlight. The energy that fills the hole body with happiness. I’m grateful! - Though i look forward to the heat coming this way. One step at the time!   

I mean, I don't mind the snow at all - I find it really fascinating. Though my bike rides everyday tends to get freezing cold when the heavy snowflakes filled with water covers me all over and I’m soaked for hours.. Anyways..

Then that half a day - still freezing cold - with clear blue skies and everybody smiles, like today. People forget all the gray and looks at all the bright.
These little moments or days are appreciated in an indescribable way. I don't think anyone from countries where the seasons don’t change as much would ever fully understand.

And folks! This joy is something we only understand because we have all these different changes in seasons. It’s a matter of contrasts. The gray makes us understand the bright. It’s a contrasts where one makes the other shine more than ever.

Maybe this is really just to remind myself that living in a warm country for the rest of my life may not be the only way of living. (or maybe it is… haven’t really figured that part out yet :) )

Anyhow spring WILL arrive soon I’m sure. It’s time for brighter and warmer days.
I find that spring is like new beginnings. Time to unfold yourself. To see, literally, whats been hiding underneath those layers of closes for months. To feel the new grown grass underneath your toes again.

But here’s to the little teaser we get now and then. Days freezing’ cold but still beautiful like the best summer days.